We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers and exporters of Neem and Karanja Oils and Cake.

We serve customers around the globe for agriculture, human health and cosmetics use.

Neem Essential Oil

We produce cold pressed neem essential oils suitable for use in health care and cosmetics applications. Our products are produced through our proprietary cold pressed process to preserve the oil’s bioactive components.

A History of Safety

Neem oil has been safely used for thousands of years in traditional medicine, cosmetics, and for insect control.

Cold Pressed

Our products are pressed from seeds that are certified as “wild collected”. The process of extraction uses no solvents and is strictly monitored with our proprietary process. Our neem oil is OMRI certified for organic production.

Rigorous Quality Control

Each batch is 100% pure, and tested with high-pressure liquid chromatograph to validate Azadirachtin and other active ingredient levels. Our products are also tested for low aflotoxin levels and for residues of synthetic pesticides and heavy metals.

More than neem oil

We also produce products for use in agriculture and human health applications including Neem cake, Karanja oil and Karanja cake.

Terramera PlantScience

Plasma Power is now a part of Terramera PlantScience, a Canadian company. Terramera is dedicated to harnessing the power of plants, developing more effective plant based biopesticides and supplying neem for health and cosmetic uses.